It has been more than two years since the Russian war machine perpetrated a full-scale invasion of and intensified its unprovoked genocidal attacks against its peaceful neighbor, Ukraine. Throughout the said year, the Ukrainian military and volunteer forces have been fighting enemy hordes in an unequal war, while supported by the Ukrainian people, both focused on one historical goal: defending their country, their culture, and their people. Within a short period of time, a country consisting of multiethnic, multilingual, politically, religiously, and otherwise diverse elements formed an alloy of unprecedented strength: a united civil society able to withstand the onslaught of its evil enemy without trembling or backing down.
Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Tatars, Jews, and others – all merged into an Unbreakable Ukraïna!
A ruthless enemy can kill a sleeping, innocent child or an elderly woman, a rocket can destroy a residential building, hospital, or shopping center, and it can wipe entire cities off the face of the earth, but it cannot break the iron will and aspiration of the entire Ukrainian nation towards self-determination. This Ukraine is invincible, and only psychopathic criminals and naive people misled by Russian propaganda do not understand this. Ukraine’s epic struggle for its freedom symbolizes the mortal battle between good and evil, between peace and war, between life and prosperity on the one hand, and death, oppression, and injustice on the other. It is a war ruthlessly pushing the past into historical oblivion, leading to a future in which democracy, justice, and a balance of interests will create conditions for universal good.
However, Ukraine is disadvantaged in several ways against an aggressor with superior military power, making its defense extremely difficult. At the same time, governments of other nations are slow in providing assistance. Civil society, from NGOs to individual initiatives, has stepped in to fill an ever-increasing need for everything, from medicines to drones, by mobilizing tens of thousands of donors and collecting millions in funds and in-kind donations. Artists are one of the largest sources of such support. Evocative, on-point, and timely artistic initiatives provide additional bullets directed at the enemy in this information war, each saving, feeding, and warming another wounded child.
The UNBREAKABLE UKRAÏNA playing card project is dedicated to all those who support the Ukrainian struggle for freedom. It is a historical record of this struggle, which will remain for years after Ukraine’s victory has passed, memorializing those responsible for forging it. All those fighting for Ukraine are symbols of this war for independence, they are the legends that create today’s heroic mythology, and they are represented in the heroes depicted on the face cards of the UNBREAKABLE UKRAÏNA deck.
We are all observers of this creation of mythology, but the project UNBREAKABLE UKRAÏNA allows each one of us to become active participants! Everyone purchasing the UNBREAKABLE UKRAÏNA card deck will become a supporter of Ukraine because all profits collected by the project will be dedicated to the fight for Ukraine’s self-determination and independence! Funds for the printing and distribution of the decks will be raised through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter at the end of March.