Tautvydas Kaltenis (born 1967) obtained a Master’s degree in Industrial Design in Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in 1990. Soon a young designer founded his own business under the brand Kaltenis Design Works. Since 2001 (until now) he has been the Chairman of the Lithuanian Designers' Society.

TKaltenis works


Designer Tautvydas Kaltenis specializes in industrial design and aspires to developing innovative organizational and technological structure, which would satisfy interests of related business entities. The designer constantly applies advanced and innovative design and research techniques (such as 3D designing and 3D printing technologies) for modeling the commercialization of scientific inventions, and creation of systems for mastering new technologies and materials. 

 In addition, Tautvydas Kaltenis creates innovative and progressive design products and services in the areas of interior, graphic communication and industrial design, and provides expertise services.  He also provides services of product design and engineering, rapid prototyping, product development, consulting, research and professional networking.

 In the architectural design sphere, designer T.Kaltenis has distinguished himself by creating persuasive, attractive and luxurious interiors, as well as exterior and urbanistic objects and elements  for numerous significant Clients, for example:  city furniture and design elements in Gorky city (now Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) (1991), interior of Night Club in Dubai (1994), interior solutions during reconstruction of Vilnius Central Post Office (2003),  interiors for cafeterias chain “Čili Kava” (2004), interior for Shopping Center MEGA (2005), interior for Casino “Pramogu Bankas” [Entertainment Bank] in Vilnius (2006), and a great number of other private interiors containing multitudes of topnotch designer furniture pieces, light fixtures, interior details and elements.

 Tautvydas Kaltenis is also the author of numerous easily recognizable Lithuanian trademarks. Some of the graphic trademarks designed by T.Kaltenis were published in The Big Book Of Logos 5 by David E. Carter, Harper Collins Publishers (USA) (2007), which reviews best graphic symbols and logos around the world.

 Stylish and fascinating works of other small scale graphic design comprise advertising publications, print, book layouts, book covers, illustrations, internet websites etc. Designer has significantly contributed to the development of urbanistic visual culture in Lithuania.

 Tautvydas Kaltenis designs, develops and prepares for production not only single pieces but also mass production industrial design products (e.g. Binoculars for Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, 2013; Series of Iron Fireplace for Umega, 2013). 

 Designer Tautvydas Kaltenis in his professional activity follows the aspiration to reveal the holistic role of design in all aspects of social and economic activities, and of our individual lives. He combines best traditions of European design with innovation. At the same, recognizing an inborn link of mankind with natural environment, he emphasizes the role of eco-design solutions for the sustainable development and smart technological advancement. By expressing a belief that design thinking may well serve the needs of society and contribute to solution of global challenges, and mitigate negative effects of economic crisis, he strongly advocates the role of design and creativity for economy, which is becoming more and more recognized in the strategic documents of the European Union.

 Guided by the aforementioned ideas, Tautvydas Kaltenis seeks to establish beneficial relations with professionals and business entities that produce and implement innovative design and its technologies, to share experience and cooperate with regional and international design clusters and networks, set up valuable links with partners to provide unique design services for customers and markets worldwide. 


Didzioji str. 10A-9, LT-01128 Vilnius, Lithuania


Feel free to contact me: tautvydas@kaltenis.com; tkaltenis@gmail.com
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